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Veterinary Needs

Veterinary Needs

shutterstock_183015242Pets come in different sizes and have different biological systems. It’s important that they get the proper medications in the proper dosage. We work with your veterinarian to make sure your pet gets the medicine they need while you are not inconvenienced.

Through veterinary compounding we can provide medications in a form which is easier to administer to your pet than a pill, capsule, or injection, such as a trans-dermal gel. We can also flavor many medications to improve the taste such as tuna or fish flavor for cats, and beef or chicken flavor for dogs.

We have provided compounding for a wide variety of animals including cats, dogs, birds, guinea pigs, and horses. So no matter how exotic, if your pet needs medication, we’re here to help.

Veterinary compounding allows you to give your pet the exact dosage required in a dosage form that is most beneficial to you and to your pet.