Collier Compounding

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5203 Willow Creek Dr.

Suite 1

Johnson, AR 72741

(479) 935-4336

(479) 444-6322


Monday thru Friday

9:00am – 6:00pm


Our primary compounding lab is now centrally located, making it easier to serve you. Collier Compounding works with you and your doctor when creating specialized medications for your unique needs.


There are so many applications for pharmaceutical compounding. We can change the form of your mediation, for example, from pill form to a great tasting liquid for infants and children. Our lab also allows us to offer hormone replacement therapy for women, treatment for erectile dysfunction and low testosterone for men. Other applications include custom approaches to pain management, hospice care, and even veterinary services.


And never hesitate to ask us questions! We're here to help you understand how your prescribed medicine is going to work for you, as well as make you aware of any interactions or side effects. Feel free to call us anytime for a consultation.

Collier Compounding